Research Studies

Social Life of Students with Disabilities who use Alternative Schooling Options

Study Description:
The University of Georgia is conducting a research study to better understand the social lives of students with disabilities who use alternative schooling options! The study involves completing a phone interview and a short online survey at a time convenient for you. Participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card for their time.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Identifies as having a disability
  • Currently enrolled in high school or recently graduated (ages 14-22)
  • Was homeschooled, dual-enrolled, used virtual school, or a hybrid schooling option for at least part of your high school education
  • People who took virtual classes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic are also encouraged to participate

INTERESTED? Please fill out this short survey here.

Contact information:
Emma Peacock  |  (706) 255-4543  |
Dr. Hamida Jinnah  |  (706) 542-3968  |

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