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Amanda Peskin

What was your major?

Human Development and Family Science and Certificate in Disability Studies from the Institute on Human Development and Disability.

What are your plans or goals for after graduation?

I will be participating in a fellowship, where I will be working at the Washington, DC non-profit, Bread for the City, as their Legal Clinic Coordinator as a gap year prior to attending the University of Maryland for law school.

How did the certificate program impact you? 

Taking IHDD courses opened my eyes to the world of disability and gave me the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for those with different abilities than my own. The IHDD certificate program gave me invaluable experiences working with people with disabilities, so I know that in the future, I will feel prepared to work with anyone, regardless of their disability status.

Why do you think students at UGA should take disability classes through IHDD? 

First, the professors are awesome!! Dr. Laws was always so personable and easy to talk to. She made all of her classes engaging, and I looked forward to them each week. I also think a lot of people feel uncomfortable being around people with disabilities. Taking disability studies classes could push people out of their comfort zones, so they not only feel comfortable being around people with differences, but so that they learn the importance of increasing accessibility to everyday activities.

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