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Morgan Glaze


What was your major?

My major was Human Development and Family Science and Certificate in Disability Studies from the Institute on Human Development and Disability.


What are your plans or goals for after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to start OT (Occupational Therapy) school at Augusta University.

How did the certificate program impact you?

The certificate is the reason I got involved with Destination Dawgs (UGA's inclusive post secondary education program), and I was able to be an intern for 4 semesters then became an intern this past semester. I’m so glad I was able to get involved with the Destination Dawgs program early on, because I was able to get to know the students really well and watch them become more and more independent each semester.

Why do you think students at UGA should take disability classes through IHDD?

The disability classes create a great foundation for person centered thinking, which is not only useful for working with people with disabilities, but can be applied no matter who you work with in the future. 

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