Micronutrient Proteomic Research Laboratory

Our research focuses on the impact of zinc on changes in micro-RNAs a potential innovative biomarker for zinc status to ensure adequate intake associated with optimal health.

Research Projects

  • Investigators:

    Grider, ArthurLewis, RichardLaing, EmmaFischer, Joan

    Zinc is an essential element necessary for the normal growth and development of all organisms. Over 300 different enzymes and proteins contain zinc, where it plays regulatory or structural roles, or is part of the enzyme active site. Reliable biomarkers for assessing human zinc nutrititure are needed. Zinc deficiency has been linked with poor nutrition in both developing and developed countries. The overall goal of this project is to identify proteins in the blood that can be used as biomarkers for assessing zinc status in human populations. The blood components to be analyzed include plasma/serum, erythrocyte cytosol and membrane, and white blood cells.

    Funding Source:
    USDA Hatch Funds

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