Apply to HDFS Double Dawgs

Applications must be submitted by October 31.

This statement is an important part of your application for admission to the Double Dawgs Pathways program in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Your statement should be limited to 1000 words and address the following:

  • What are your long-term professional goals and how do your goals fit within the mission of the HDFS Program. How will the MS Double Dawg program help advance you towards reaching your goals?
  • What content areas of research and outreach/practice do you hope to pursue as a MS Double Dawg student and beyond (i.e., specific problems or issues, research questions, types of families/relationships you hope to study or support)? 
  • What types of research and/or outreach experiences have prepared you for the MS Double Dawg program in Human Development and Family Science?
  • Identify at least one graduate faculty member with whom you hope to work and briefly describe how your research and/or outreach goals and interests fit with the expertise of the faculty.

This information is very important, as it will help us confirm your fit for the program and which faculty member could best serve as your mentor during the Pathway program. It is the department’s expectation that you will work with that faculty mentor during your year in the Pathway program, and prior to applying to the graduate program.

I understand that my signature below and submission of the application to the pathway for the HDFS BS/MS Double Dawg Program grants permission to the Human Development and Family Science Department to review my student records.

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