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Our Partners

Our community-centered approach leverages existing partnerships and resources to engage and support families.

Based on a community capacity framework, we are engaging formal systems (multiple agencies and organizations) to support the health and well-being of informal networks (the social relationships people have with family, friends, and others in similar circumstances). This is a growing partnership! Our current state, regional and county partners include:

Division of Family and Children Services

Part of the Georgia Department of Human Services, the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) assists and supports families to ensure children are safe from abuse, and families can become more self-sufficient. The HMRE project is working with DFCS to support the youth and families in Region 5. (Contact: Mary Havick, Director - DFCS Region 5)

Georgia Family Connection Partnership

Georgia Family Connection (GFCP) is a non-profit public-private intermediary that unifies local and state-level partners committed to strengthening children and families so they can learn from their peers, share resources, and replicate best practices. (Contact: Gaye Morris Smith, Executive Director; Sonya Hope, Community Support Specialist - Region 5)

Great Start Georgia

Sponsored by the Georgia Department of Human Services–Division of Family and Children Services, Great Start Georgia (GSG) provides wide-ranging support services designed to create a community culture of care, encouragement, and support for all families before and after the birth of a child. (Contact: Carole Steele, Director - Office of Prevention and Family Support).

One of GSG's major service strategies is evidence-based home visiting services for families needing support in providing safe, nurturing, and healthy environments for their children. We are working in collaborationg with the following services to engage and support expectant parents and children birth to five and their families:

  • Healthy Families Georgia  (Contact: Paige Ferrell, State Coordinator)
  • Parents as Teachers (Contact: Sara Jane Blackman, State Coordinator)
  • First Steps (Contact: Lynda Brown, Community Outreach Coordinator)

Project Safe

Project Safe is a non-profit organization working to end domestic violence through crisis intervention, support services, advocacy, prevention, and educational programs. We are working in collaboration with Project Safe to develop protocals, identify resources and services, and share appropriate appropriate domestic violence prevention and support information to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals and families being served. (Contact: Joan Prittie, Executive Director)

Strengthening Families Georgia

Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) is a multi-disciplinary partnership of public and private organizations dedicated to embedding five research-based Protective Factors into services and supports for children and their families. These protective factors include: parent resilience, social connections, concrete support when in need, parent education of child development, and child social and emotional competence. (Contact: Jeanette Meyer, Statewide Coordinator)

UGA Extension

UGA Extension provides research-based learning opportunities to help Georgians become healthier, more productive, financially independent, and environmentally responsible. UGA Extension works with a variety of partners, including specialists in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, to keep up-to-date on relevant issues affecting the community and provide resources through county extension offices.

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