Current Initiative

Building on our strong UGA Extension county-based delivery system and our established network of community-based partnerships, Project FREE is working with Dissemination Centers across Georgia who are available to support couples in committed relationships (both unmarried and married) who are experiencing economic stress and are relationally vulnerable in order to enhance couple functioning, co-parenting and parenting quality, family stability, and adult and child well-being.

ELEVATE couples engaged in bonding exercise


Thanks to funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (Grant #90ZB0010) our goal is to "Elevate" the relationships of 2,250 couples by 2025.

To improve healthy relationship/marriage skills and co-parenting and parenting skills, ELEVATE: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level is being delivered virtually by the University of Georgia as well as in-person by Dissemination Centers across Georgia.

ELEVATE is a no cost, skills-based, evidence-informed relationship education program for all couples in committed relationships. During our 12-hour program, couples engage in fun activities with other couples and learn skills they can use to better manage stress, strengthen their connection with each other, Deal with differences in healthy ways, "Elevate" the quality of their relationships.

Military couple using laptop for attending virtual class

Families Served

Couples Experiencing Stress: It is often difficult to be aware of each other’s lives when ongoing
stress is wearing you down. Stress affects how we feel and how we respond to each other. It is
not easy to be the best partner or parent when weighed down by stress.

Military Connected Couples: Military connected families aren’t immune to the challenges that all couples face. Experiencing the additional and unique challenges of military life can also complicate relationships.

Foster or Kinship Caregivers: Many foster and kinship caregivers experience a multitude of stressors. These challenges can take a toll on relationships.

Couples Wanting a “Tune-up”: Every relationship can benefit from a “tune-up.”

Learn more about ELEVATE or apply for a workshop and join the hundreds of other Georgia couples we have already helped to achieve their relationship goals!

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