Meet the Students

2023 Cohort

  • Elizabeth Googe

    Elizabeth Googe

    Elizabeth is from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Collective Learning Academy of Atlanta. She enjoys watching UGA football and hanging out with friends. Elizabeth likes being able to walk around campus. What excites her about the Destination Dawgs program is being a part of the university. She also enjoyed having the opportunity to rush in formal recruitment. Elizabeth appreciates how independent she gets to be in Athens! After the program, she plans to get a job to work with kids. A fun fact about Elizabeth is she loves going to the beach with her family!

  • Grace Callaway

    Grace Callaway

    Grace is from Athens, Georgia, where she graduated from North Oconee High School in 2018. Grace loves to dance, go to the movies, and work out in her free time. She is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and loves hanging out with her sisters! Grace also works at Bitty and Beau’s as a cashier! Grace is studying health and wellness and plans to pursue a career in personal fitness after graduation. What excites Grace the most about Destination Dawgs is meeting new people and friends! Fun fact: Grace’s favorite color is pink!

  • Izzy Marler

    Izzy Marler

    Izzy is from Jacksonville, Florida, but was born and raised in Seattle. Washington. She graduated from Pointe Vedra High School in Pointe Vedra, Florida, in 2022. She enjoys listening to rock and country music and attending country concerts. Izzy enjoys playing with and grooming my dogs, Axel and Savannah. Additionally, she likes to help at home by feeding their chickens. On Tuesdays, Izzy goes to drill practice with her favorite horse, Dolce. What excites her the most about Destination Dawgs is making new friends through the program and her new sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. She is also excited that the program will help her step out of her comfort zone and become independent. After the program, Izzy wants to move to a different house in Georgia and eventually love to have a horse farm. A fun fact about Izzy is that I have been to 2 country concerts: Walker Hayes in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Luke Bryan in Savannah, Georgia.

  • Jeremiah Thomas

    Jeremiah Thomas

    Jeremiah Thomas is from Nashville, GA. Jeremiah attended Berrien High School in Nashville and graduated in 2021. In his free time he loves rodeoing, ranching, and listening/producing music. Throughout the week he attends church, navigates downtown Athens, and enjoys some Georgia football. One thing that really excited him about the program is the inclusion of the agriculture department along with participating with the Block and Bridle organization. Additionally, he is looking forward to the academic courses he will take, exploring career options and meeting new people over the next two years. After the Destination Dawgs program, Jeremiah plans to go back to Nashville to be near family and work full-time. A fun fact about Jeremiah is that he enjoys shopping at different malls!

  • Payton Ashcraft

    Payton Ashcraft

    Payton is from Dublin, GA. She went to Trinity Christian School and graduated in 2022. She enjoys training dogs, being a part of Phi Mu, spending time with my family, and playing tennis. Payton has wanted to go to UGA her whole life, and having this opportunity was very special to her. When she was accepted into the program, her mom surprised her with balloons and donuts to celebrate with my dogs. Payton loves being able to take exciting & interesting classes. She brought her dog for a class presentation in one course in her first semester. She loves living independently in downtown Athens and attending all the home football games. After the program, she wants to train dogs with her friends and sisters. A fun fact about Payton is she loves to take naps and play with her dogs.

2022 Cohort

  • Ben Harrison

    Ben Harrison

    Ben Harrison is from St. Simons Island, GA, and graduated from Winston Preparatory School in Manhattan, NY. Ben enjoys interacting with others in the community, walking around, bowling, playing mini golf, trivia, and sometimes video games. Getting higher education excites Ben the most about the Destination Dawgs program. He took a break from high school to college, preparing him for college. After the program, he plans to work full-time and live independently. A fun fact about Ben is that he lived overseas (in Australia, England, Russia, and Indonesia) from 1999-2012.

  • David Ferguson Robinson

    David Ferguson Robinson

    David Robinson is from Alpharetta, GA, and graduated from the Project Life program. He enjoys various activities and Marvel's Iron Man 2. One of his favorite pastimes was attending a 90's concert with his mom. What excites David the most about the Destination Dawgs program are all the experiences, opportunities, and classes he will participate in. Hopefully, after the program, he will have a job and earn a paycheck. His plans after graduation include obtaining a job and shopping whenever he can! In David's free time, he loves to play games on his PS4, watch TV, and relax.

  • Dexter Goedelman

    Dexter Goedelman

    Dexter Goedelman is from St. Augustine, Florida, and graduated from Pedro Menendez High School in 2022. He is an old soul, loves classical music, Windham Hill Records, and enjoys vinyl records, various forms of outdated technology, and antiques. His favorite movies include Wall-E, Terminator 1 & 2, the Star Wars Trilogy (the originals), Blade Runner, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Nintendo 64 is his favorite game console, along with its many vintage games. Regarding the Destination Dawgs program, he is excited about gaining more independence, making new friends, and exploring Athens, GA. He would love to work in an Athens Records store after college.

  • Julia Nazarowski

    Julia Nazarowski

    Julia Nazarowski is from Cumming, GA, and graduated from South Forsyth High School. She enjoys attending Atlanta Braves games, hanging out with friends, and supporting the Dawgs on Saturdays during football season. One thing that excites her about the program is meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities. Her plan after Destination Dawgs is to work for the Atlanta Braves. A fun fact about Julia is that she loves to travel and attend sporting events and concerts. Go Dawgs!

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