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Destination Dawgs Support Fund

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Destination Dawgs program. Your support in these areas is immensely valuable and will directly impact students and contribute to the growth and success of the Destination Dawgs program - “Life is a journey. Be prepared for the trip.”

Peer Mentor Program Support

At Destination Dawgs, our peer mentors play a vital role in our mission, fostering a supportive network that propels our students towards achievement. Committed University of Georgia students volunteer their time to assist our Destination Dawgs participants in all aspects of university life. Each year, approximately 100 volunteer UGA student mentors make a significant difference in key areas: 

Academic Support

Academic Support

Assisting with class work, homework, library navigation, and study strategies. 

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Supporting healthy lifestyles through cooking, weekly exercise, and mindfulness practices. 

Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Actively participating in student club/organization events, social activities, sports, and community projects.

Fostering Independence

Fostering Independence

Providing guidance in meal preparation, financial management, and essential life skills.

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning

Participating alongside students in career and internship fairs, job shadowing opportunities, and identifying career goals. 

$10/month = $120 annually

Allow us to reimburse a peer mentor for one meal or 1 ticket for a social, sport or community activity per month.

$25/month = $300 annually

Provide off-campus transportation for one student to and from job sites, internship sites, and career exploration opportunities.

$800 annual gift

Allow us to give our peer mentors a Destination Dawgs branded t-shirt to provide appreciation for their volunteer hours and advertise the program across campus to recruit more peer mentors

$1,000 annual gift

Allow one faculty member and 1 Destination Dawg to attend the national State of the Art in Inclusive Postsecondary Education Annual meeting and conference to empower our students with useful tools for transitioning to college life, enhancing their advocacy and leadership skills, and connecting them with peers nationwide.

$2,500 annual gift

Provide a housing stipend for a Destination Dawg in need

$5,000 per academic year

Pay for a UGA Dining Hall meal plan for 1 student for one academic year.

Destination Dawgs Endowment Funds

Our endowment options offer a range of choices for potential donors who share our commitment to enriching the educational experience of Destination Dawgs students. Whether you're interested in scholarships, professional development, or graduate student assistance, we have opportunities for you to support our mission. Contact FACS Director of Development, Suzanne Griffeth, for more information.

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