Adolescents and Dating

  • Are you Relationship Smart? This poster (printable as a fact sheet) offers teens with information about characteristics of a healthy relationship. (University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, 2008)
  • Communicating With Your Teen. Good communication is one of the most critical parenting skills. Teenagers struggle with autonomy and attachment throughout adolescence. This tip sheet provides guidelines for effective communication with teenagers. It explains that parents can develop an atmosphere for communication by co-creating a foundation of trust and openness. (Ohio State University Extension, 2008)
  • Parental Involvement Can Reduce The Risk of Teen Pregnancy. This tip sheet offers ten tips for parents related to guidelines on dating and parental expectations. It encourages parents to talk with their children about sex, and that it will not encourage them to become sexually active. It explains the importance of parental involvement and role modeling. (Ohio State University Extension, 2010)
  • Parenting young teens: Early Dating. This fact sheet explains to parents things to consider before and when their children begin dating (Iowa State University Extension, 2000).
  • Talking With Your Teen About Sex. A fact sheet for parents about how to talk to teens about sex. (University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2003)
  • Teaching Our Daughters About Sexuality. This article contains guidance for parents about teaching their daughters about sexuality (University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, 2000)
  • Teaching Our Sons About Sexuality. This article contains guidance for parents about teaching their sons about sexuality (University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, 2000)
  • Teen Dating Violence: Are You Aware? This is a fact sheet about the problem of dating violence including the risk factors for perpatrators and victims. (Ohio State University Extension, 2001)
  • Teens and Dating. Information for parents about three topics related to teenage dating: when are teens ready to date, sexual activity, and dating that becomes hurtful. (University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2008)
  • Teens and Dating: Tips for Parents and Professionals (also in PDF). This publication summarizes teen dating trends, attitudes, and behaviors and provides strategies for talking with teens about dating. (University of Florida Extension, 2009)
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