Maker’s Space a place where students’ creativity comes to life
December 11, 2020
Author: Cami Crosby  |   | More about Cami
Contact: Laura McAndrews  | 706-542-4891  | More about Laura

The Maker’s Space, located in Barrow Hall 206, is a place for students to bring their creative ideas for textiles, apparel and other products to life utilizing the recent addition of a Mutoh Sublimation Printer and Heat Press.

The printer allows students to print their designs and then heat press them onto their fabric of choice.

“It’s exciting to see dedicated space and equipment in our college be in high demand by our students who are the future designers and entrepreneurs,” FACS Dean Linda Kirk Fox said.

In Laura McAndrews’ Digital Design Applications course, students used the Maker’s Space to create apparel collections for their final project in which they must include printed textiles.

“It was interesting to watch because depending on the type of fabric, (the colors) came across a little bit differently,” said Wells Maley, a senior fashion merchandising student.

Some of the students’ textiles came out more muted or saturated because on their fabric choice. However, many of the patterned textiles were still true to their original digital design.

“Everyone had a smile on their face when coming back from the Maker’s Space after printing,” Maley said.

The addition of the sublimation printer provides students more insight into design and production within the spectrum of the supply chain, McAndrews said.

This is the first full semester students have utilized the equipment.

Moving forward, McAndrews hopes other programs and majors can utilize the Maker’s Space and collaborate on projects.

“I think it helps give students a better understanding of where their interest lies and where their strengths lie,” McAndrews said.

A photo gallery of students using the Maker's Space can be seen here.