Three faculty members named to professorships

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Three faculty members in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences have been named to endowed professorships.

Lynn Bailey, head of the department of foods and nutrition, has been named the Flatt Professor in Foods and Nutrition.

Sheri Worthy, head of the department of financial planning, housing and consumer economics, has been appointed the first recipient of the Samuel A. and Sharon Y. Nickols Professorship in the college; and Brenda Cude, a professor in the department of financial planning, housing and consumer economics, has been named a Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences.

“To be named an endowed professor is one of the greatest accomplishments to which any faculty member can aspire,” said FACS Dean Linda Kirk Fox. “We are fortunate to have so many highly-regarded researchers in our college who have earned this distinction. All three recipients exemplify leadership, scholarship and service and are excellent choices for this recognition.”

The Flatt Professorship was established by William “Bill” Flatt, the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor Emeritus who served as dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from 1981-94 and later joined the FACS faculty.

Flatt’s contributions to FACS have exceeded $1 million, earning him membership in the 1785 Society at UGA.

Over the course of her 40-year career, Bailey’s human metabolic studies generated more than 100 publications with key data on which current intake recommendations for folic acid are based. Her research findings were instrumental in establishing how best to assess optimal folate status to maintain health and reduce disease and birth defect risk.

“The greatest honor of my professional career is my appointment as the Flatt Professor in Foods and Nutrition,” Bailey said. “I have the highest regard for Dr. Flatt’s research accomplishments in the area of energy metabolism, earning him international acclaim as well as for his outstanding achievements as an administrator. As the Flatt Professor in Foods and Nutrition, I will strive to ensure that my scholarly work and leadership roles in the area of foods and nutrition reflect positively on Dr. Flatt and on his family.”

Nickols Professorship

Worthy, whose research interests include consumer vulnerability, savings and financial risk-taking behavior, has served as department head since 2013.

She is part of a multi-state research group studying behavioral economics and the intersection of healthcare and financial decision making across the lifespan.

Nickols served as dean of the college from 1991-2006, a time of tremendous growth and accomplishments.

She and her husband established the professorship to enhance the work of a faculty member through scholarly activity, writing and publishing and other activities that advance knowledge and practice.

“During her career, Dr. Nickols made major contributions to our discipline through her ecosystems research, and the Nickols family has continuously supported the profession,” Worthy said. “I hope to continue in that tradition and promote family and consumer sciences by integrating my teaching, research and service to the profession. This professorship will help me do that.”

Georgia Athletic Association Professor 

Cude, who serves as director of the UGA Center for Economic Education, researches consumer decision-making with an emphasis on the personal financial literacy of college students. She has been widely published and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

She is a FACS 100 Centennial Honoree and was named the FACS Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 2007. In addition, Cude received the Educator of the Year Award from the Direct Selling Education Foundation last year and was inducted into the UGA Teaching Academy in 2008.

The Georgia Athletic Association Professorship II is awarded for a term of four years to a faculty member in FACS with an “outstanding national reputation” and one who is a leading scholar in the field.

“Being named a Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences is very meaningful to me,” Cude said. “My relationships with the mentors who have been major influences in my personal and professional life began when I was an undergraduate student and an athlete and have continued to this day. This professorship will provide support that will allow me to continue to mentor others.” 

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