Chad Michael Paton

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Nutritional Sciences

Associate Professor

205 Food Science Bldg
Athens, GA 30602


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Postdoc University of Wisconsin-Madison 2010
Postdoc Blood Research Institute 2007
PhD University of Maryland-College Park 2005
BS/MS Michigan State University 2000/2002


My research is focused on the bioactive properties of two specific lipids: Dihydrosterculic acid (DHSA) and linoleic acid. DHSA is a cyclopropene fatty acid that is found naturally in cottonseed oil and it blocks endogenous lipid synthesis and cholesterol biogenesis. I am actively pursuing methods to assess its ability to treat hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia in animal and human models. My work in the bioactive properties of linoleic acid has centered on its role in modulating skeletal muscle myogenesis and mitochondrial biogenesis. As a long-chain omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid, it promotes transcriptional activity via nuclear receptor-DNA interactions and more recently I have found that its ability to induce angiopoietin-like protein 4 production in muscle significantly impairs the capacity for muscle differentiation and metabolic function. The purpose of my research is to help restore normal metabolic function in disease states using molecular biology and biochemistry to understand how macronutrient metabolism is regulated in cell and animal models. For more information, visit the Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory


Yura Son & Chad M. Paton, Chapter 18 - Lipid metabolic features of skeletal muscle in pathological and physiological conditions. Lipid Signaling and Metabolism, Academic Press, 2020, Pages 359-383, ISBN 9780128194041,

Current Classes

FDST 4070/6070 - Nutritional Quality

FDST/FDNS 8150- Food and Nutritional Biochemistry

FDST 7030E- Food Biochemical Reactions

Current Research

  1. PUFA-mediated regulation of myogenesis.
  2. The role of dihydrosterculic acid in hepatic lipid metabolism.

Journal Articles

(*Denotes a student for which I am/was the major professor)

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