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Pamela R. Turner

Professor & Extension Housing Specialist

224 Hoke Smith Annex
300 Carlton St.
Athens, GA 30602



workFax: 706-542-1799

Curriculum Vitae


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Consumer Economics University of Maryland
M.S. Family Economics University of Kentucky
B.S. Home Economics University of Idaho


My research focuses on linkages between health and housing, creating safe and healthy child care environments, and the use of social media to provide people with an online source of trustworthy information.

Prior Professional Positions

Organization Title Years of Service
LifeNet Behavioral Healthcare Housing Manager 2003-2005
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas Director of Housing 1998-2002
Kansas State University Assistant Professor 1994-1997


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
UGA Sustainability Certificate Program Advisory Board 2016 - 2019
Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition Steering Committee 2013 -present
Rural Georgia Healthy Housing Advisory Board Coordinator 2012 -present
Alliance Credit Counseling Board Member 2005 -2019


My outreach activities include educating Georgians about radon gas and the importance of testing your home; creating healthy and safe homes and child care environments; providing information on buying and maintaining a home; preparing for and recovering from emergencies; and providing trustworthy information through the use of social media.  I maintain several social media sites, including  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Wordpress pages for UGA GreenwayHealthy Homes Partnership, and the Housing Education Research Association (HERA)


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Environmental Education Award (1st place) - Rural Georgia Healthy Housing Advisory Board (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2017
Social Networking Award (1st place) - UGA GreenWay: Connecting FACS Extension with online communities (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2014
Environmental Education Award (1st place) - Georgia Radon Education Program (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2011
Environmental Education Award (1st place) - Conserve Water in Georgia (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2009
Educational Publications Award (1st place) - Guide for New Parents (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2009
Dwight Douglas Award for Service to the Division of Student Affairs - Every drop counts public awareness campaign (team) University of Georgia 2008
Extension Housing Outreach Award (1st place) - Steps on the path to home ownership (team) National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2008


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Journal Articles

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