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How to Waitlist a Course

How to Be Added to a Waitlist

  1. Find the course you wish to add. Make note of the CRN and click “Add to Worksheet.”
  2. Type the CRN into the first text field of the “Add Classes Worksheet” and click “Submit Changes.”
  3. The “Course Closed” error message will appear. The status of this message will tell you what action, if any, you need to take. Select “Waitlisted” from the Action dropdown box. Click “Submit Changes.”
  4. The waitlisted course will appear in your Current Schedule.

Please note that until the course appears in your Current Schedule, you are not registered for that course nor are you added to the waitlist for that course.

How to Be Removed from a Waitlist

To remove a waitlisted course from your Current Schedule, select “Web Drop” from the “Action” dropdown menu and click “Submit Changes."

Additional Information

  • You can only be added to the waitlist for one section of a course.
  • You cannot be added to a waitlist if you are already registered for a different section of the same course.
  • You cannot be added to a waitlist for a course if it would cause a time conflict with another course.
  • The waitlist of a term is purged three days before drop/add begins for that term.

For complete instructions, including screen shots and possible error messages, see the Office of the Registrar’s Waitlisting page.

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