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Save the Date:

February 16, 2023: FACS Day at the Capitol in Atlanta, GA 

1. Say YES to FCS:  Fill the family and Consumer Sciences Educator Pipeline

  1.  Use the monthly tools for a social media campaign.  Involve the GA Department of Education, GATFACS, FCCLA, GEAFCS, GAFCS educator members, student unit members, GA 4-H program
  2. Exhibit at GATFACS Conference in January
  3. Exhibit/judge/present at FCCLA Leadership Conference (date?)
  4. FCCLA – be a resource speaker about value of FCS degree/career option
  5.  Establish a link on the GAFCS web site to
  6. Article in GAFCS Newsletter, FVSU, GaSouthern, ABAC & UGA Newsletters

 2. FCS Success:  Raising Voices, Visibility and Value of Family and Consumer Sciences

  1. Launch of new website at AAFCS Town Hall December 4, 2020.  Continued with interactive zoom presentations to answer the question --- “What happened to Home Ec?”.
    1. Prescription for Success: Identify the audience; Build the messages and share; Evaluate if the message resulted in the action you were looking for.
    2. Three Moves You Can Make to Increase FCS Awareness in 2021
    3. Meeting-In-a-Box
    4. Tool Box on Membership recruiting and retaining members
  2. Develop an Action Plan for Georgia
  3. Sub Committee:  Jackie Ogden, chair, Joanne Cavis, Ashleigh Childs, Tracey Brigman

3. Participate in Family and Consumer Sciences Educator Day, February 10, 2022, to highlight the value and achievements of FCS educators and programs. 

a. Use Megan Whitworth Palmer, AAFCS TOY 2016 and Jenna Black, 2019 AAFCS TOY Merit Finalist as spokespersons for GAFCS

b. Involve the GaDOE, GaFCCLA, GEAFCS

c. Article in GAFCS newsletter.

4. Promote participation in “Dining In Day” to celebrate birthday of Ellen Swallow Richards, on December 3, 2021.

  1. Student Units are important.
  2. Goal to have ALL GAFCS members participate
  3. Involve GEAFCS members to promote/sign-up participants
  4. Obtain a Proclamation for Georgia from Gov. Kemp and other Mayors in GA
  5. Use the AAFCS web materials
  6. Encourage FCCLA participation using their curriculum
  7. Encourage GEAFCS members to participate with programs and media release
  8. Encourage Georgia Departments of Education and Agriculture to participate
  9. Encourage school food service directors to plan a Dining In Day meal at schools
  10. Link on GAFCS website to AAFCS Dining In Day web address
  11. Article in GAFCS Newsletter – October 1 deadline for November 1 publication

Promotional news feature emailed to GAFCS members in October and just before Thanksgiving in NovemberSub-committee chair:  Kena Torbert

5. FCSFit Program:  all GAFCS members and people within their networks participate.

  1. Encourage participation of Student Units
  2. Establish link on GAFCS web site to AAFCS Fit site
  3. Article in GAFCS Newsletter
  4. Sub-committee Chair
  5. PLACED ON HOLD FOR 2021-2022 YEAR

6. Decreasing Number of FCS Teacher Education Programs in Colleges & Universities

  1. Survey colleges and universities in Georgia for FCS content and degree programs and report to AAFCS
  2. Sub-Committee Chair:  Jackie Ogden;  Karen Jones, Joanne Cavis

7. World Home Economics Day:  March 21, 2022

  1. Use information from IFHE to develop media release and PR materials
  2. Encourage celebration of global reach of HE/FCS by GAFCCLA, GEAFCS, College and University units, and GAFCS members
  3. Have a poster at the 2022 GAFCS Annual Conference
  4. Article in the GAFCS newsletter
  5. Sub-committee chair: Joanne Cavis 

8. International Day of the Family:  May 15, 2022

  1. Use information from IFHE and other research-based entities to develop media release and PR materials
  2. Article in the GAFCS newsletter
  3. Encourage “Importance of Families” programs on or near May 15 by FCS teachers, Extension agents, FCS college and university faculty and student units, GAFCS members, and family-centered community programs.
  4. Sub-committee chair: Joanne Cavis 

9. FCS Day at the Capitol:  February 10, 2022

  1. Coordinate with UGA:  date, agenda, proclamation, resolution, legislative aides
  2. GAFCS write Resolutions for House and Senate, coordinate sponsors for each Resolution with GEAFCS/GAFCS – EARLY – October, after Resolutions have been approved by Executive Board of GAFCS. Preferred Sponsors are the ones who work with the UGA-FCS Legislative Aide Program
  3. Encourage participation of all FCS groups in Georgia

--GEAFCS prepares a token gift for each legislator.  Distribution must be approved by a House and Senate Sponsor through use of a photo of their business cards on each gift and a ” FCS Day at the Capitol” on the reverse side.  Gifts must be taken to the Capitol the day prior to the FCS Day between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm.

      HOUSE:  Capitol Post Office, room 323 POC Phil Tucker 404.656.0445

      SENATE:  Secretary of Senate, room 353 State Capitol 404.656.5040

--Assemble representatives of FCS to be on floor of House (5) and Senate (5) chambers when Resolutions are read.  Let them know when and where they need to be for access to the Floor for the Readings.

      GAFCS, GEAFCS, DOE/FCS, FCCLA (Ex Dir., Student president and   advisor) UGA Dean, UGA Legislative Aides

Put “save the date” on GAFCS web site

              e. Article in GAFCS Newsletter

              f. Sub-committee Chair:  Joanne Cavis

10. Letter to all Georgia Legislators in February, prior to FCS Day at Capitol

  1. Print letter: flat, no envelopes, no labels --  250 copies

(180 House districts, 56 Senate districts plus leadership)

  1. Deliver it to legislators’ offices in Atlanta through mail rooms for Senate and House with cover note about distribution.

Go to Room 323 Capitol Post Office who will deliver to both office buildings.

POC is Phil Tucker 404.656.0445

  1. JSC will write letter with input from GAFCS Board; approval in November
  2. Post letter on GAFCS website after 2/15/2022
  3. Involve UGA Legislative Aides, if practical
  4. Sub-committee Chair: Joanne Cavis

11. Continue financial support of Legislative Aides Program at UGA

  1. Can other FCS programs initiate this program at GA Southern, Ft. Valley, ABAC?
  2. If so, can GAFCS give similar financial support?
  3. Coordinate UGA Aides through Cara Simmons
  4. Article in GAFCS newsletter
  5. Report from Legislative Aide at GAFCS state meeting
  6. Sub-committee Chair:  Joanne Cavis.

12. Draft a “Significance of the Family in Georgia” Position Paper and present to GAFCS Executive Board

13. Attend Advocacy Sessions when available and announce to other GAFCS members

  1. 2021 AAFCS Virtual Conference
  2. 2021-2022 Epsilon Sigma Phi webinars
  3. Other advocacy webinars

Joanne and Kena would like to have several people with contacts to GaDOE, GATFACS, GEAFCS, FCCLA, College Student Units, new professionals, etc. be part of the Public Policy Committee and take the leadership of a sub-committee. Include: Name, mailing address, email and phone (cell and work #s). Please send to

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