Maternal and Child Nutrition Laboratory

We examine pregnancy weight gain and body composition, as well as early childhood body composition and growth patterns. We focus on maternal factors that influence pregnancy outcomes, along with child feeding environments and child growth.


FACS Undergraduate Faculty Advisor of the Year Award, 2017, Alex Anderson

CURO Undergraduate Research Award, 2016, Evan Johnson

Participant, Borlaug Summer Institute on Global Food Security at Purdue University, 2016, Marina Tandoh

Holly B. Alley Scholarship, Georgia Nutrition Council, 2016, Nicki Motoyasu

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Research Projects

  • Overall Goal:

    To examine factors that influence food choice decisions made by children (10-13 year olds) during independent eating occasions.

    Study Design:

    Observational study that involves two (2) visits to the research lab and a 24 hours documentation of all child food and beverage consumption in pictures.

    Multi-site study (Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon & Utah)

    Participants: Parent/guardian-child pairs

    Parenting practices, 24-hour food diary, anthropometric assessment

    Funding Source:

    Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Overall Goal:

    To investigate the impact of maternal gestational weight and body fat mass gain on infant/child weight and body composition in early childhood with respect to infant feeding practice.

    Study Design:

    Longitudinal observational study

    Participants: Pregnant women and their newborn

    Data: Pregnancy anthropometric and body composition measurements, biomedical factors, physical activity, dietary assessment, infant feeding practices and infant anthropometrics and body composition

    Funding Source:

    Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station

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