Elevate - Taking your relationship to the next level

ELEVATE for Couples

Elevate is a couples education curriculum that blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.

Developed in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Georgia and at Auburn University (as part of the Alabama Healthy Marriage & Relationship Education Initiative, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services—Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grant #90FM0006), this 12-hour, research-informed, couples education curriculum engages couples in learning and practicing the seven core principles/skills essential to maintaining healthy and stable relationships (see National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model). Grounded in best-practices of family life education, two distinct characteristics of ELEVATE are (1) the practical strategies and tools taught and (2) the inclusion of mindfulness practice activities that help couples regulate their heart-brain response to stressful triggers.

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Futris, T. G., Adler-Baeder, F., McGill, J., Burke, L., Ketring, S., Smith, T., & Cook, L. A. (2020). ELEVATE: Taking your relationship to the next level. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Extension. Available at http://www.nermen.org/ELEVATE.php

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