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Elevate the quality of your program and the impact you make on the couples you reach.

ELEVATE is a hands-on program that engages couples in the learning process. Whether you order the Facilitator Kit or download the curriculum for free, we have provided resources to help you understand the important principles being taught, reinforce critical skills that foster healthy couple relationships, and engage couples in discussing and practicing these skills. As you prepare to teach ELEVATE, be sure you review the following resources.

Facilitator Implementation Guide

This guide provides an overview of how to navigate the curriculum, instructions for working with the presentation slides and videos, and tips on how to deliver ELEVATE and engage participants. Additional recomendations are also included in the scripted, facilitor notes for each module. This guide is included in the Facilitator Kit as well as online under Module 1: Introduction

The National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model

The central core content and the framework for the ELEVATE modules are based on the seven core principles and skills outlined in NERMEM. This model was developed by a working group of Extension specialists and derived from the extant literature on predictors of marital quality. The published book is included in the Facilitator Kit and each chapter from the book is available online by Module.

Scripted Facilitator Notes

To aid facilitators in preparing for each lesson, scripted text and visual aids have been provided for each module. The script contains the information that is most important for the facilitator to share with the participants. This may be especially helpful to educators who are just getting started with teaching relationship education (in general) or ELEVATE (more specifically).

Training Videos

Learning new skills and adopting belief and practices that foster healthy couple relationships requires practice. This applies to both program participants and facilitators. To help facilitators understand the activites and feel prepared to engage participants in them, we provide brief video demonstrations of some of the activities. To watch these videos, log-in to your ELEVATE account. Don't have an account? It's quick and easy to create one!

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