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NERMEM introduction


We have an empirical knowledge base for the core elements of healthy relationships, and Relationship & Marriage Education programming. The NERMEM was developed to share this knowledge.

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Deliberate and conscious decisions demonstrate commitment and effort in a relationship. It is important to be intentional when establishing and nurturing healthy relationships.

Care for Self Chapter

Care for Self

Individual health impacts the health of couple relationships. Taking care of oneself can help improve the wellness of the relationship.

Know Chapter


Sharing and developing an understanding with one's partner increases awareness about the partner and the relationship. In turn, this promotes stability in the relationship.

Care Chapter


Keeping a relationship healthy is the responsibility of each person in that relationship. Showing support, affection and respect for one's partner can result in greater relationship satisfaction and quality.

Share Chapter


Developing and maintaining a friendship with one's partner helps build couple identity. Learning and growing together as a couple further establishes this friendship.

Manage Chapter


Dealing with differences in healthy ways can minimize friction among couples. Problems in healthy couple relationships may never be resolved, but they can be managed in effective ways.

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Connect Chapter


Engaging in a supportive, positive social network can be beneficial to any couple. Maintaining these relationships can act as safety nets that provide security to couples during good and challenging times.

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