Dee Warmath, Ph.D.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Assistant Professor

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Curriculum Vitae

Current Classes

FHCE 4100/6100, Economic Lives of American Households (ELAH): Students work in teams to leverage their existing knowledge plus course content to develop points of view on what well-being is and what actions, policies, programs, mindsets, etc. are most important in driving well-being for their Financial Diaries family. The final project in this course is the design of an innovative solution for the challenges their Financial Diaries family faces. (Fall and Spring)

FHCE 4000/6000, Evidence-Based Strategy: Through a series of real-world cases, students learn to leverage data analysis to drive business decisions via the telling of a compelling, evidence-based story. Lectures are recorded for viewing outside of class with class time being reserved for hands-on work. (Fall)

FHCE 5050/7050, Evidence-Based Innovation: Students select a semester-long project through which they learn methods to leverage factor analysis, cluster analysis, conjoint design, and concept testing to support the discovery of meaningful customer targets for a program, service, product, etc. and to guide the design of such initiatives. (Spring)


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Consumer Science University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012
M.S. Sociology Vanderbilt University 1997


My research examines the role of shared decision making and decision skill in well-being with a specific focus on the domains of health, money, and relationships.

For the past five years, I have served as the Principal Investigator for the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection on its project to define and measure financial well-being, as well as test hypotheses of its drivers. I currently serve as a Principal Investigator in the NCAA / Department of Defense Mind Matters Challenge with a three-year project examining the role of design thinking and social marketing in encouraging concussion reporting among young adults. My research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Business Research, and Sports Health and presented at the National Athletic Training Association, GLATA, Frontiers in Service, Association for Consumer Research, American Council of Consumer Interests, CFP Academic Research Colloquium, Financial Planning Association, and other conferences. I am also a fellow of the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


My teaching has been greatly influenced not only by my experiences in an academic setting but also in a dynamic business environment.  One of the most insightful lessons I learned from both was that the ability to think critically and take meaningful action based on the thinking are invaluable skills for anyone. Rather than seeing the last day of class as the ending, I see it as the beginning.  My job is to prepare students in the 15 or so weeks we have for that beginning.  Thus, a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy and personal teaching goals is to ensure students leave my courses with not just information, but also capacity, wisdom and the confidence to impact their worlds with what they have learned.

Prior Professional Positions

Organization / Department Title Years of Service
University of Wisconsin-Madison / Department of Consumer Science Assistant Professor 4
The NPD Group, Inc. Senior Vice President, Retail Insights 8
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. Vice President, Consumer and Brand Insights 5
J.C. Penney, Inc. Director, Customer Relationship Marketing and Analysis 5
Service Merchandise, Inc. Director, Strategic Intelligence 3


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Best Reviewer of the Year Journal of Consumer Affairs 2019

Journal Articles

Warmath, Dee, and Andrew Winterstein. 2019. Reporting Skill: The Missing Ingredient in Concussion Reporting. Forthcoming in Sports Health.

Warmath, Dee, Dominik Piehlmaier, and Cliff Robb. 2019. The Impact of Shared Financial Decision Making on Overconfidence for Married Adults. Financial Planning Review

O’Connor, Genevieve E., Casey Newmeyer, Nancy Yee Ching Wong, Julia B. Bayuk, Laurel A. Cook, Yuliya Komarova, Cazilla Loibl, L. Lin Ong, and Dee Warmath. 2019. Exploring Consumer Financial Vulnerability as a Critical Turning Point in Consumer Well-Being. Journal of Business Research, Volume 100, July 2019, Pages 421-430.

Netemeyer, Richard, Dee Warmath, Daniel Fernandes, and John G. Lynch, Jr. 2017. How Am I Doing? The Role of Financial Well-Being in Assessing, Achieving, and Experiencing General Well-Being. Journal of Consumer Research, 45(1):68-89.

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