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Handbook for Student Organization Leaders & Advisors


Dawson Hall Room/Table Reservations

If you need to reserve a room or table inside Dawson Hall, submit a request. Allow three business days for processing. Business days are M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. when classes are in session. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from

Campus Reservations

If you need to reserve a space outside Dawson Hall, work with Campus Reservations.

Dawson Hall Flyer Policy

All posters MUST be approved and put up by the Student Success and Advising Center. Any unauthorized posters will be removed. View the policy.

General Information

Beginning of the Year Student Organization Meeting Presentation (2021-2022)

FACS End of the Year Student Organization Meeting Presentation  (2021-2022)

Annual Re-registration & Allocation Request Process

The deadline for re-registration and allocation requests is May 9, 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Step 1: UGA Re-registration for Current Student Organizations (2023-2024)

Step 2: FACS Student Organization Recognition  Note: email your organization's constitution with the form.

Step 3: FACS Updated Officer Information (2023-2024)

Step 4: FACS Website Updates

Step 5: End of the Year Student Organization Feedback (2022-2023)

Step 6: FACS Student Activity Fee Allocation Request* 

Step 7: UGA Student Activity Fee Allocation Request*

*Steps 6 and 7 are only necessary for organizations that intend to request Student Activity Fee funding from the college and is not required of all FACS student organizations. Steps 1-5 are required of all organizations.


To submit reimbursements for student allocated funds, please complete the following steps and submit to the Student Success and Advising Center in 112 Dawson Hall in person or email at

  1. Complete the vendor registration information at which includes the address where you will receive payment.
  2. Complete and submit a non-employee payment form.
  3. Complete and submit a justification for food purchase form if food was included in the expenses.
  4. Submit original, itemized receipt(s) with completed form(s) and a printed flyer, email, or other posting of the event that includes date, time, and name of organization.

Note: Examples of how to complete the non-employee payment form and justification for food purchase form are shown in the FACS Handbook for Student Leaders and Advisors.

If you have an agency account, all support will be with the Dean of Students Business Office in the Tate Center. 

Event Planning

For help planning a student organization event, refer to this event planning flyer for some helpful tips.

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