While the collection is used primarily in the textiles, merchandising, and interiors department, it is also used in a variety of courses across the university. Recently, the collection has been used in the university's history and art departments. 

Course ID: TXMI 4290/6290. 3 hours.
Course Title: History of Dress and Fashion: Nineteenth Century to the Present
Course Description: Interrelationship of costume and social, cultural, political, and economic environments from the nineteenth century to present day.
Athena Title: Hist Dress Fash 19C to Pres
Duplicate Credit: Not open to students with credit in TXMI 4290E
Undergraduate Pre or Corequisite: TXMI 3210 or TXMI 3210E
Graduate Pre or Corequisite: TXMI 3210 or TXMI 3210E or permission of department
Course Offered: Offered fall and spring semester every year; taught online in the summer
Grading System: A-F (Traditional)

Course ID: TXMI 5820/7820. 3 hours.
Course Title: Museum Issues in Historic Clothing and Textiles
Course Description: Issues concerning preservation, registration, cataloging, storage, and display of historic clothing and textiles in museums. Introduction to collection management, exhibit design, and planning for educational and publicity materials. Introduction to museum studies and the professional museum field, including governance, administration, and general operations.
Athena Title: Museum Issues Hist Cloth Text
Undergraduate Pre or Corequisite: TXMI 4290/6290 or TXMI 4290E
Graduate Pre or Corequisite: TXMI 4290/6290 or TXMI 4290E or permission of department
Course Offered: Individually and in future semesters
Grading System: A-F (Traditional)

Course ID: TXMI 4900/6900. 3 hours.
Course Title: Pop Culture History and Merchandising
Course Description: The interrelationship of Pop Culture and Fashion Merchandising considering media, technology and social media, significant designs and designers, social movements and subculture, and the fashion cycle.
Athena Title: Special Topics
Undergraduate Pre or Corequisite: N/A
Graduate Pre or Corequisite: N/A
Course Offered: As part of TXMI 4900/6900 Special Topics 
Grading System: A-F (Traditional)