Honor Hall 1986 - Eleanor Pryor

Eleanor Pryor

Eleanor Pryor received her BSHE degree from the University of Georgia in 1931.

Taught in rural schools for six years and was a homemaking teacher at Moultrie High School for four years.

In 1941, joined the State Department of Education as Supervisor of Related Training for the NYA in Atlanta, she moved after one year into the position of Assistant State Supervisor of the School Lunch Program for the Department of Education.

Second director of Georgia’s school food-service program from 1948 until her death in 1961. Headed a $30 million program that led to improvement of kitchens and equipment, better prepared school lunchroom personnel, and higher levels of quality in nutritional programs.

National leader in the American School Food Service Association, the professional association which was organized in 1946.

Provided basic information to Senator Richard B. Russell to help pass the National School Lunch Act of 1946.

Served as president of the Georgia Home Economics Association and was a leader in the Georgia Nutrition Council.

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