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Adult with children on playground. Text: Eat healthy, be active

Activities for Children

Activity Category Theme
Water with a Slice Science Drink Water
Sink or Float Science Vegetables
Silly Sack Jumping Science Be Physically Active
Oatmeal Makes a Tasty Breakfast Science Eat Breakfast
MyPlate Observation Station Science MyPlate
Making Activity Predictions Science Be Physically Active
It's Pizza Time Science Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
Hydration Science Review-Physical Activity
Fun Frozen Yogurt Science Dairy
Float an Egg Science Proteins
Exploring Fruit Peels Science Healthy Eating Review
Banana Cream Science Review-Physical Activity
Awesome Applesauce Science Fruits
Water Helps Us Grow Outdoor Activity Drink Water
Veggie Hunt Outdoor Activity Vegetables
MyPlate Treasure Hunt Outdoor Activity Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
MyPlate Spin and Stretch Outdoor Activity Review-Healthy Eating
MyPlate Bean Bag Toss Outdoor Activity MyPlate
Milking a Cow Outdoor Activity Dairy
Making Breakfast Campside Outdoor Activity Eat Breakfast
I Want to Be Active Obstacle Course Outdoor Activity Be Physically Active
Healthy Bear's Great Adventure Outdoor Activity Review-Physical Activity
Grain Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Activity Grains
Fruit Salad Foot Races Outdoor Activity Fruits
Egg Balancing Game Outdoor Activity Proteins
Bubble Wrap Dance Outdoor Activity Be Physically Active
My Healthy Body Song Music Be Physically Active
Growing Bodies Song Music Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
Growing Bodies Song Music Dairy
Food Groups Song Music Review-Healthy Eating
Find Your Activity Partners Music Drink Water
Eat Your Breakfast Song Music Eat Breakfast
Drink Your Water Song Music Drink Water
Animal Movement Song Music Review-Physical Activity
Water Drinking Chart Math Drink Water
Mystery Fruit Box Math Fruits
Let's Play Ball Math Be Physically Active
Let's Make a Healthy Plate! Math MyPlate
Let's Be Merry - Drink Dairy Math Dairy
Food Groups Bingo Math Review-Healthy Eating
Fishing for Healthy Food Math Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
Cereal Graph Math Grains
Breakfast Foods Lotto Cards Math Eat Breakfast
Breakfast Foods Lotto Math Eat Breakfast
Body Shapes Math Be Physically Active
Beans, Beans, Sort Those Beans Math Proteins
Bread Comes to Life Literature and Story Stretching Activities Grains
Nutrition Ball Large Group Review-Healthy Eating
Healthy Bear Says, "Pick Your Protein" Large Group Proteins
Healthy Bear Says, "Grains Give Us Energy" Large Group Grains
Healthy Bear Says, "Get Up and Go!" Large Group Be Physically Active
Healthy Bear Says, "Freeze!" Large Group Review-Physical Activity
Healthy Bear Says, “Find Fruits” Large Group Fruits
Healthy Bear Says, "Eat Your Veggies" Large Group Vegetables
Healthy Bear Says, "Eat Breakfast" Large Group Eat Breakfast
Healthy Bear Says, "Drink Water" Large Group Drink Water
Healthy Bear Says, "Drink Dairy" Large Group Dairy
Healthy Bear Says, “Choose MyPlate” Large Group MyPlate
Healthy Bear Asks, "Which One Doesn't Belong?" Large Group Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
Follow the Activity Leader Large Group Be Physically Active
The Snack Shack Dramatic Play
Grocery Store Dramatic Play
Bop 'Til You Drop Dance Studio Dramatic Play
Sponge Toss Art Art Be Physically Active
Silly Stretch Art Art Be Physically Active
Physical Activity Collage Art Review-Physical Activity
Pasta Necklace Art Grains
Mystery Paintings Art Review-Healthy Eating
MyPlate Collage Art MyPlate
Let's Paint with Yogurt Art Dairy
Ice Cube Painting Art Drink Water
Growing Colors Art Review: Eat a Variety of Foods
Favorite Vegetables Mural Art Vegetables
Breakfast Container 3-D Art Art Eat Breakfast
Apples on the Apple Tree Art Fruits

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