Man and woman looking at each other, captioned ELEVATE - Taking your relationship to the next level.


Developed in collaboration between Auburn University and the University of Georgia, ELEVATE is an 8-hour couples education program based on the seven principles described in the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model. ELEVATE blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills. Grounded in best-practices of family life education, two distinct characteristics of ELEVATE are (1) the practical strategies and tools taught and (2) the inclusion of mindfulness practice activities that help couples regulate their heart-brain response to stressful triggers.


The ELEVATE curriculum includes a facilitator manual, scripted lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, videos, couple workbooks, and more! Order the ELEVATE curriculum for a low cost or download it for free!


A 1-day training is available for professionals who work with adults in Georgia and wish to promote healthy couple and co-parenting relationships. Participants receive a facilitators kit and learn strategies to engage couples in learning skills to elevate the quality of their relationships. Training opportunities will be posted here. If you are interested in attending or hosting a future training, contact Dr. Ted Futris

Couples in Georgia

Are you in a committed couple relationship and looking for an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level? Click here to learn about a FREE program that you and your partner can participate in!

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