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FACS 100 Centennial Logo and Style Guide

What is FACS 100?

The College of Family and Consumer Sciences can trace its origins back to February 1918, when the Division of Home Economics within the UGA College of Agriculture was approved. The first students enrolled in September 1918. In 2018, the college will celebrate 100 years of offering programming at UGA. FACS 100 is an umbrella phrase referring to this 100-year history.

FACS 100 Logos

The FACS 100 logo can be a stand-alone design, meaning no other text needs to accompany it in its graphic presentation. However, there are multiple variations of FACS 100 graphics that are permissible for use provided they are not altered in any way.

The FACS 100 logo with the phrase “A Centennial Celebration” underneath is the primary alternate use logo and is offered to provide additional depth and detail to the FACS 100 brand. The two logos can be used interchangeably.

The logos will be made available for download on the FACS website by mid-August 2017.

FACS 100: A Centennial Celebration Gala

This is a reference to a specific event to be held on Feb. 24, 2018 at The Classic Center in Athens. At this gala, we will recognize 100 outstanding individuals who, through their lives and work, illuminated the ideals, culture and spirit of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. These individuals will be referred to as our FACS 100 Centennial Honorees.

Examples of specific language for events/titles:

  • FACS 100: A Centennial Celebration Gala
  • FACS 100 Tailgate
  • FACS 100 Countdown to 2018
  • FACS 100 Alumni Trivia Night
  • FACS 100 Centennial Honoree(s)
  • FACS 100 Centennial Graduate (for Class of 2018)
  • FACS 100 Centennial Ambassadors

Note: When writing FACS 100 in a Word document or email, make sure to put a space between FACS and 100.

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