Abby Davis

Abby Davis

Human Development and Family Science

Davis is "best version of herself" thanks to FACS faculty

What school did you transfer from?

University of North Georgia-Oconee Campus

Why did you decide to transfer to UGA?

I decided to transfer to UGA because I wanted to have more opportunities to get plugged into the community. I knew at UGA I would be able to better expand my network and build relationships that would help propel me into my field.

What is your major?

Human Development and Family Science with a certificate in Family Life Education

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because I want to be able to help individuals and families, all while understanding how they develop. I think that it is very important to always know your audience, no matter what field you find yourself in, and being an HDFS major allows me to do just that.

What activities or student organizations do you participate in?

UGA’s YoungLife and UGArden

What do you like about FACS?

I love that FACS truly feels like a family. Every time I’m in Dawson hall, I see faces I know and hear my name called friends and professors. I think that really changes how I have viewed college these past 3 years.

Is there a faculty or staff person who has been particularly helpful during your transfer journey?

Dr. Kozak has been incredibly impactful in my career path. She has been helpful in helping me find internships and create new networks, all while supporting me in class and pushing me to be the best version of myself.

What has your favorite UGA and/or FACS experience been?

My favorite FACS experience has been events held at Dawson hall; donuts with the Dean is always a fun way to connect with new people!

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