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  • Brooke White

    Brooke White


    Brooke White graduated with her BSFCS in Human Development and Family Sciences in 2016, and her Juris Doctor in 2019. She’s currently an attorney and works to help people in family law and personal injury cases.

  • LaTrice Lyle

    LaTrice Lyle


    LaTrice Lyle (’13) has transformed her career as an educator to dismantle systems of oppression, provide teachers with antiracism education tools, and found her own consulting firm.

  • Katie Barnes

    Katie Barnes


    Katie Barnes received her BS in FDN and is a Technical Sales Manager for Merieux NutriSciences.

  • Valerie Chertin

    Valerie Chertin


    Valerie Chertin received her MS in 2013 and is a clinical dietitian at Atlanta Medical Center.

  • Lori Maggioni

    Lori Maggioni


    CPT Maggioni, an RDN in the US Army, received a dual Nutrition Science and Dietetics degree.

  • Chip Ogburn

    Chip Ogburn


    Dr. Chip Ogburn, M.S. in FDN, is chief of orthopedic surgery at Athens Orthopedic Clinic.

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