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Featured People

  • Katie Barnes

    Katie Barnes


    Katie Barnes received her BS in FDN and is a Technical Sales Manager for Merieux NutriSciences.

  • Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson


    Dr. Anderson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Foods and Nutrition.

  • Valerie Chertin

    Valerie Chertin


    Valerie Chertin received her MS in 2013 and is a clinical dietitian at Atlanta Medical Center.

  • Lori Maggioni

    Lori Maggioni


    CPT Maggioni, an RDN in the US Army, received a dual Nutrition Science and Dietetics degree.

  • Alison Berg

    Alison Berg


    Dr. Berg is an Assistant Professor and Extension Nutrition and Health Specialist in FDN.

  • Nicole Crawford

    Nicole Crawford

    Current Students, 2020 Featured Graduates

    As a student, Nicole Crawford has helped make positive changes as an ambassador in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Karina Patel

    Karina Patel

    2020 Featured Graduates

    Future medical professional discovered passion for nutrition, health early in life.

  • Caroline Kopot

    Caroline Kopot

    2020 Featured Graduates

    International merchandising student bound for faculty position at Missouri.

  • Marlena Holman

    Marlena Holman

    2020 Featured Graduates

    Housing industry a perfect fit for Holman's outgoing personality.

  • Krupaben Patel

    Krupaben Patel

    2020 Featured Graduates

    'FACS family' a huge part of Patel's success

  • Hannah Robinson

    Hannah Robinson

    2020 Featured Graduates

    Robinson credits faculty, staff for making her feel right at home in Dawson Hall.

  • Alexa Taylor

    Alexa Taylor

    2020 Featured Graduates

    Nutrition-focused study abroad trip led Taylor to dietetics program.

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