Amanda Weng

Amanda Weng

Human Development and Family Science

Weng came to UGA for the chance to serve others in the community

What school did you transfer from?

Kennesaw State University

Why did you decide to transfer to UGA?

Transferring to the University of Georgia has opened up so many opportunities for me to learn and grow! I love the UGA community and the opportunities that allow me to serve others.

What is your major?

Human Development and Family Science

What activities or student organizations do you participate in?

DRC Student Organization, Asian American InterVarsity, MedLife

What do you like about FACS?

FACS has allowed me to connect with other students and faculty that share a passion for supporting individuals, no matter what obstacles or stage of life they are currently enduring.

Is there a faculty or staff person who has been particularly helpful during your transfer journey?

Dr. Bermudez and Professor DeLeo have helped me tremendously during my first and (currently) second semester here at UGA!

What has your favorite UGA and/or FACS experience been?

I have enjoyed being able to reconnect with and make new friends in my classes and during campus events.

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