Aura Bautista

Aura Bautista

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Aura's decision to go from Marketing to Fashion Merchandising was made from the fact that she always knew in her heart she wanted to be a designer


Chatsworth, GA

Major & Emphasis

Fashion Merchandising PDD


Vice President (2022-2023) and Designer for FDSA; Stylist for SMA; Featured designs and stylings in other student organizations like The Agency and BOLD; Sewing Intern at Dover Grace Bridal Boutique in Watkinsville Sales Rep. with Atlanta First Agency for America’s Mart

Why I chose my major and emphasis

There’s a big difference between the days I choose to wear a sweatshirt and the days I choose to wear a blazer. One makes me feel effortlessly comfortable, while the other makes me feel effortlessly confident. What I admire most about this business is the ability it has to change the way someone sees themselves. It’s far from the stereotypical glamorous, frivolous industry. I have first-hand experienced that it is so much deeper than that. My decision to go from Marketing to Fashion Merchandising was duly made from the fact that I always knew in my heart I wanted to be a designer. I was never big on taking risks, so when I did, I knew my goals for the future have never been so sure. I have worked with a local designer and have witnessed the blood, sweat, and tears put into constructing a single piece. To know that every stitch, every cut, every second put into making that final product, matters. It is becoming quite clear to me that it takes hard work, patience, and passion to be a part of this industry. All of which has driven me to want to pursue a career in fashion. 

What I like most about TMI or PDD

My experience with UGA’s fashion program has been amazing, though I would have to say my favorite thing about both my major and emphasis are the TMI/PDD professors. They genuinely want to see their students succeed and are always willing to help you. 

Post-graduation plans

After graduation I plan to move into the city and work for a fashion company and work my way up to the top. 

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