Catherine Arra

Catherine Arra

Human Development and Family Science

Arra chose HDFS because she has been drawn to the dynamics of relationships




Human Development and Family Science/Double Dawgs Program for a M.A in Nonprofit Management and Leadership 


 I am heavily involved with the Catholic Center at UGA. In my time there, I have served as a board member and a small group leader for the freshman ministry program. I had the privilege of completing multiple internships throughout my collegiate career. Two were over the summer, but one was during this past fall semester.  

Why I chose my major

I chose HDFS because I have always been drawn to the dynamics of relationships. After doing some research on what the program had to offer, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I loved how the coursework gives a well-rounded education on policy, development, sociology, and theory analysis. This degree gives you so many career options, and I think does a wonderful job at preparing you for so many aspects of life.  

What I like most about FACS

I love FACS! I love being a part of a smaller college and having the opportunity to know my professors. Beyond a smaller and more intimate class size that promotes active learning, I love being able to view my professors as both educators and mentors. Specifically, my time with Dr. Melissa Kozak gifted me with such an abundance of knowledge, vision, and direction for my future. Being in a smaller program also lets me form relationships with my peers that greatly enhanced my education and time at the university.  

Post-graduation plans

I plan to stay an additional year at UGA to finish my Double Dawgs pathway and graduate in May 2024 with my Masters of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 

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