Emma Sykucki

Emma Sykucki

Nutritional Sciences

Sykucki created strong bond with other dietetics students

What school did you transfer from?

Georgia College & State University

Why did you decide to transfer to UGA?

For the dietetics program. My previous college had no classes in nutrition, so I knew I had to transfer to UGA to get the education I wanted.

What is your major?


What activities or student organizations do you participate in?

Student Dietetic Association

What do you like about FACS?

I like the small-knit community it is within this large university.

Is there a faculty or staff person who has been particularly helpful during your transfer journey?

Bev Hull helped clarify what classes transferred and what classes I still needed to take to graduate on time.

What has been your favorite UGA and/or FACS experience been?

Being in the same nutrition classes with the same classmates is one of my favorite experiences. We all have the same classes together so we can lean on each other for support.

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