Freida Lim

Freida Lim

Nutritional Sciences

UGA diving team member will return to Singapore to pursue a career as a dietitian




Dietetics, and Culinary Science & Nutrition

Activities and Honors

Varsity student-athlete on the UGA swim and dive team; FACS Student Ambassador; UGA University Health Center BeWell Peer Educator; J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Honor Roll; J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Honor Roll Dean’s List Honors; CSCAA 2018 First Team Scholar All-American; CSCAA 2019 First Team Scholar All-American; CSCAA 2020 Second Team Scholar All-American; SEC Academic Honor Roll; Karin Elizabeth Willis Scholarship Recipient; Diving Representative for the Singapore Swimming Association Athletes’ Commission

Why I chose my major

I developed a love for the topic of nutrition when taking a food and nutrition class in secondary school. I really enjoy learning about the components of food and nutrition in relation to medical conditions. However, I am also interested in learning about flavor profiles and why we chose certain ingredients over others, which is why I decided to double major.

What I like most about FACS

Every professor I had in FACS has such a passion for teaching and was very understanding and accommodating of my schedules and commitments as a student-athlete, making my college journey very enjoyable and relatively smooth-sailing.

Post-graduation plans

After graduation, I plan to look for at least a 6-month clinical internship in order to fulfill the criteria to be a practicing dietitian in Singapore. I will also be obtaining my diving coaching certification to coach diving to help the sport and its community grow in Singapore.

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