Isabelle Smith

Isabelle Smith

Nutritional Sciences

Smith's love of cooking inspired by her grandmother




Culinary Science and Nutrition


- Food Safety and Quality Intern Chick-fil-A

- Intern with Chef Joseph Johnson

- Georgia Commitment Scholar

- Gladys Nesbitt/Flatt Education Scholar

- Zell Miller Recipient

Why I chose my major

I chose my major after being interested in food and how to eat comfortably but healthily

during the pandemic. After finding myself counting calories, I started to research different

cooking methods. Social media has been my best friend when it comes to learning new recipes. I

was intrigued that this major would teach you about altering flavors, nutrient content, and the art

behind it.

My family has had a significant impact on my decision as well. Growing up, my family

cooked the most delicious Dominican meals. My grandmother, Mimi, has been my biggest

inspiration. My art of cooking is inspired by the meals she fed me that share stories of her

growing up in the Dominican Republic alongside her ten brothers and sisters. I often apply the

skills she taught me in and out of school.

I often get asked, “How is your major different than food science and/or culinary school?”

Well, here is the answer: This major combines food sciences, culinary arts and nutrition to

create and improve products. I gained experience with networking, teamwork, and

professionalism. Now, for my capstone project, my group and I are formulating new recipes and

testing and sharing products.

What I like most about FACS

My absolute favorite thing about FACS is how intimate the college experience is. Since

day one of being a part of this school, so for about two years, I have felt seen and heard. I have

made wonderful mentors and friends. This college is incomparable to other colleges in so many

unique ways. I will always cherish my time here with FACS.

Post-graduation plans

I was recently accepted into graduate school here at the University of Georgia. I will be

getting a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. From there, I plan to start my career as a

flavorist or sensory scientist. I have a small business right now, and I am interested in expanding

that into a food truck or catering business.

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