Karsyn Ragatz

Karsyn Ragatz

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Ragatz's favorite classes have been Textile Economics, Trend Forecasting, and Retail Planning and Buying


Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Major/Expected graduation time

Fashion Merchandising with emphasis on Brand Management (expected graduation August 2023)


Dean’s List, Student Merchandising Association, Fashion Design Student Association, Zell Miller Scholarship Recipient, Whatever It Takes (WIT) Volunteer

Why I chose my major

Fashion has been an area of interest of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up being the youngest out of four girls, I quickly grew used to having a plethora of clothes at my fingertips. I believe that this led me to yearn for further knowledge regarding the fashion industry, so picking the Fashion Merchandising major was a no-brainer for me

What I like most about TMI

Aside from all the amazing professors I’ve had within the FM major, I can whole-heartedly say that my favorite part (about the FM major) is the courses. Prior to becoming a Fashion Merchandising major, I found myself in classes that I felt were dull and didn’t spark any interest to me, personally. I genuinely love learning about the fashion industry. My favorite classes thus far have been Dr. Clair’s Textile Economics, Dr. Seock’s Trend Forecasting, and Professor Jiang’s Retail Planning and Buying. These courses have given me many opportunities to showcase my knowledge in multiple formats and allowed me to realize how many opportunities there are within the fashion industry.

Post-graduation Plans

A huge benefit from being a Bulldog is that UGA provides an abundance of resources for their students to consider prior to graduating. I’ve had retail employees from multiple companies speak to my classes regarding their positions and opportunities for UGA students. This has allowed me to ask questions, think about my personal goals, and envision what I want my future to look like. After graduation, I plan on obtaining a Buyer position within a fashion company. A couple of my other goals and interests post-graduation include design and product development.

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