Kathleen Hoover

Kathleen Hoover

Human Development and Family Science

HDFS major interested in how people change across the lifespan


Human Development and Family Science Minor: Spanish


All four years I have been involved with the campus ministry RUF, Reformed University Fellowship. I have been a community group leader and other various leadership roles in RUF to welcome and love incoming and new students. I am also involved in the student organization Athens PBJ, which is a group that strives to bridge the gap between college students and people living in homelessness. I participate in many different IM sports such as frisbee, football, and volleyball because I love team sports and being active. I am also in the Honors program and have received the Presidential Scholar award every semester while I’ve been at UGA.

Why I chose my major

I love people and I wanted to learn about how they function and change across the lifespan so that I can better serve them and help them. HDFS provides applicable, interesting, and insightful knowledge that grants me the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of helping careers.

What I like most about FACS

I appreciate how cared for I felt throughout my time at UGA. I knew that if I was ever struggling, I could reach out to the faculty, and they would do what they could in order to help me. Also, if I was interested in a specific topic, I knew my professors would be more than willing to dive into that topic with me and help me learn more.

Post-graduation plans

I am going to work for RUF in Vermont at the University of Vermont in Burlington. I am so excited to get to walk alongside college students and meet them where they are at, and also get to explore a completely different part of the country. After being an RUF intern for two years, I plan on applying to OT school to become an Occupational Therapist.

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