Laney Jones

Laney Jones

Nutritional Sciences

Jones will take the next step toward a career in dietetics by pursuing a master's degree in the field


Marietta, Ga.




Treasurer for the Student Dietetics Association for two years; Honors College student for four years;  student worker for UGA Performance Nutrition for four years; volunteer for the past three years with a dietitian in Atlanta who specializes in pediatric eating disorders; recipient of Elise Bray Richey scholarship and the Baldwin scholarship; awarded the Presidential Award of Excellence and First Honor Graduate distinction.

Why I chose my major

I chose dietetics because it is all about helping people feel like themselves. Everyone eats, but the science behind eating is not understood by many. Being a dietitian means that you get to help people with something as important and universal as what food they eat and why they eat it. I also have always been in love with science, and dietetics combines all disciplines of science into one.

What I like most about FACS

I love FACS because of the constant support by students and staff. I was nervous coming into college that I would feel lost and not feel like I belonged anywhere, but in FACS I have never worried about that. The professors foster a community within the college that cannot be replicated and it is so wonderful to be a part of that!

Post-graduation plans

I have recently been accepted into the master's program in Dietetics/ Nutritional Sciences, so I will be staying at UGA until December 2022! After I graduate with my master's I plan to complete my internship and become a RD. Hopefully, I will then open a private practice focusing on prenatal nutrition and women's health!

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