Lily Grant

Lily Grant

Nutritional Sciences

Redcoat Band member felt welcomed and supported by advisor

What school did you transfer from?

Kennesaw State University

What is your major?


What activities or student organizations do you participate in?

I am a member of the Redcoat Band

Why did you decide to transfer to UGA?

I decided to transfer to UGA because it has always been my dream school to attend. I also knew that by going to UGA I would get to meet so many different and amazing people and be in at atmosphere were I not only feel challenged but also supported.

What do you like about FACS?

I love how diverse FACS is! While most people in my classes are fellow dietetics majors there are some who are other majors in FACS and its great to meet them and talk with them about their journey within the college.

Is there a faculty or staff person who has been particularly helpful during your transfer journey?

Yes, my advisor Beverly Hull! Right away within our first zoom meeting to register for fall classes she made me feel so welcome not only to UGA but also to the college of FACS. She asked about my time at KSU and wanted to get to know me as a person rather than just a student, and when I went to meet with her about spring registration she remembered little things that I had told her in the fall so, she has definitely helped a lot!

What has your favorite UGA and/or FACS experience been?

My favorite UGA experience so far has been playing at my first game with the Redcoat Band at Mercedes Benz Stadium! It was such a surreal moment that I will never forget.

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