Lindsay Portwood

Lindsay Portwood

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Lindsay chose fashion design because of her love for Halloween


My hometown is Milledgeville, GA, although I also consider myself from Daytona Beach, Florida, since it’s where I spent the younger half of my life.

Major/Expected graduation time

I am a Fashion Merchandising Major with a Product Development and Design graduating in May of 2023


I am an awardee of the Fashion Scholarship Fund for 2023 

Why I chose my major

I chose fashion design because of my love for halloween! I’ve loved designing halloween costumes since I was a young kid and it gave me the desire to make clothes as a full-time job! 

What I like most about TMI

My favorite part of the PDD emphasis has been meeting people who have the same dreams as me. My last two semesters here especially have helped me to realize that I’m doing the right thing! 

Post-graduation plans

My plan for post grad is to find a digital design or CAD design position

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