Macy Cates

Macy Cates

Human Development and Family Science

In switch to HDFS major, Cates discovered her passion


Edmond, Oklahoma 


Human Development and Family Science 



World Leader (International Student Orientation Leader) (Fall 2022); Substitute (Spring 2022-Fall 2022)/ Intern (Spring 2023) at the McPhaul Center Child Development Lab (CDL); President of the International Student Ministry (ISM) run through Classic City Church (Fall 2022-Spring 2023); Bible Study leader (Fall 2020- Spring 2022)  


Presidential Scholar, First Honor Graduate 

Why I chose my major

I switched majors a few times before I settled on HDFS. I was a business major in spring of 2021, and I was talking to a friend about the classes she was taking with her HDFS degree. They sounded so interesting to me and I wished that I could take them myself. I realized that it wasn’t out of the question and as I thought more about HDFS, I concluded that not only would I enjoy it more, but it would actually be more helpful to careers I wanted to pursue. I’m interested in counseling, social work, and working within Christian ministry. HDFS would be a good starting point for any of these options and I decided to switch majors so that I could pursue something that I was actually passionate about, the wellbeing of individuals and families.  

What I like most about FACS

 I like how applicable HDFS is to life. I know that I will use what I have learned through my degree in a career, but I also know that I’ll be able to use it in daily life. Even now, my relationships are stronger because of what I’ve learned, and I plan to take the information I’ve gained into a marriage and parenting, along with any other relationships, in the future.  

Post-graduation plans

I’m moving to a primarily refugee community in Georgia called Clarkston. I plan to get a job there and serve within the community through helping those new to the U.S. adjust to a new life. I am still considering getting a MSW (Masters in Social Work) online, and if I decide to do so, will begin the degree in the spring of 2024.  

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