Michael Crook

Michael Crook

Crook's time at FACS helped round out his intellectual curiosity and jumpstart his career

Year graduated



Consumer economics

Job title

Chief Investment Officer, Mill Creek Capital Advisors

FACS Alumni Association involvement

Alumni Board member: 2017-2019, Chair of Student Engagement Committee and member of Strategic Partnership Committee.


My wife Meghan and I have two kids, Anson (5) and Cate (4), with a third due in January.

Favorite memory of your time at UGA

My favorite memory was the study abroad trip we did to Xalapa, Mexico. Xalapa is overlooked by most tourists, but that made it a great hub for immersing in local Mexican culture for a few weeks. We had political leaders speak to us and went on day trips to visit businesses that ranged from the Port of Veracruz to a family-run mango farm. I made a number of great friends on that trip and it also catalyzed a personal love of traveling to lesser-known spots in developing countries.

Did you have a favorite professor or class?

I hesitate to name names because I’m certain to leave someone out, but Dr. Nickols, Dr. Cude, Dr. Sweaney and Dr. Koonce were all important mentors. They supported me while I was at the college, modeled how to be a leader, and pushed me to follow my interests after I graduated even though that meant pursuing something outside of my undergraduate major.

How did your time at FACS prepare you for your career?

After UGA I did a master's in economics at NYU and then joined Lehman Brothers. In addition to my career in finance, I’ve written a number of journal articles and taught college classes as an adjunct professor along the way. I credit the experience I had in FACS with rounding out an intellectual curiosity that has served me well in my career and life in general.

Can you share more about your experience as part of the UGA Mentor program?

I’ve been fortunate to have had mentors starting in high school through today who were very impactful on my career and life. I believe a formalized mentorship program can kick-start that process for students who otherwise might struggle to create those relationships while they are in school. The opportunity cost is quite low for everyone involved – just time – but the potential benefits are substantial for mentors and mentees alike.

What motivated you to decide to invest in the college?

Gratitude. I’d like to have a small part in supporting the college and students of the college as a way to express my appreciation for the experience I had while I was there.

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