Name: Michael Crook                               Email:

Major: Consumer Economics                 Occupation: Investment research

Business and Job Title: UBS, Managing Director

What is your fondest memory of your time spent in the college?

Study abroad trip to Xalapa Mexico

How did FACS prepare you for your career?

My professors taught me how to be intellectually curious and encouraged me to believe that I could make an impact.

Why do you give to FACS/UGA?

I believe our students are well-positioned to have a large, positive impact on the wealth management industry, particularly as the demographic shifts in the US create a much larger need for financial planning services and financial education. I want to see FACS play a leading role nationwide.

What is the best advice you can share with current FACS students?

Take advantage of your time in school to learn as much as possible, but push yourself outside of your comfort zone once you leave school and start a career. Successful careers are very hard work, but there’s a huge opportunity for them in the marketplace. Finally, as they achieve success, give back to the communities and organizations that are important to them.

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