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Nick Slagel

Nick Slagel

Foods and Nutrition

Slagel is passionate about addressing health outcomes of underserved populations. He studied multi-level approaches to improving nutrition and physical activity behaviors of low-income populations.


Ph.D., Nutrition


Thornton, Colo.


Graduate Research Assistant for UGA SNAP-Ed, UGA Office of Sustainability FARM Rx Intern, Certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies, Doe H. Harden Scholarship, Anne and Earl Haltiwanger Scholarship, Ruth Rowan Morrison Graduate Endowment in Nutrition Studies, Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society National Alumni Fellowship

Why I chose my major

Nutrition is a diverse and interdisciplinary field because it is central to everyday life. After working in the healthcare and fitness industries following my undergraduate career, it became obvious that patients and clients needed more knowledge and skills to improve their overall health. In addition to exercise, the biggest sticking point for most was eating healthy. I soon realized there was more to the problem of improving and maintaining individual health behaviors. Key volunteer and internship experiences with community nutrition programs shed light on broader social, economic and food systems factors that influenced healthy behaviors. Collectively these ‘aha’ moments led me to the path I am on today working with UGA SNAP-Ed studying multi-level approaches to improving nutrition and physical activity behaviors of low-income populations. My dissertation project uses community, clinic and local food system partnership (FARM Rx Program) to promote health for food insecure Athenians with free locally grown produce, SNAP-Ed nutrition education and health screenings.

What I like most about FACS

The first word, “family,” says it all. Everyone treats you like they know you. That mentality shines through with the plethora of financial support, as well as professional development and leadership opportunities for students.

Post-graduation plans

In August I will start a Dietetic Internship with Duke University Hospital to become a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. My hope is that I will be able to use the knowledge and skills gained to become a leader in developing and researching nutrition interventions that bridge community, healthcare and agriculture sectors for improving food security and health outcomes of underserved populations.

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