Penelope Williams

Penelope Williams

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Penelope will be continuing into the Fashion Merchandising M.S. as a part of the Double Dawgs program


Decatur, GA

Major & Emphasis/Expected Graduation Time

Fashion Merchandising major, PDD emphasis, General Business minor, Spring 2024 expected graduation


FDSA Designer, Fair Fashion member, Phi Sigma Pi Formal chair, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, GA Soft Goods Buhler Scholarship recipient

Why I chose my major

I chose my major, because I wanted to do something I was actually passionate about in college. I’ve always shown an interest in fashion, so when I wanted to change my major I decided to try Fashion Merchandising. As a kid I sketched many croquis and took sewing lessons to make my own clothes, so PDD was naturally my preferred emphasis. I immediately fell in love with my classes and all the support I’ve received from my department. The professors and advisors in TXMI are the best and have helped me grow in ways I never expected. I now have set post-graduation plans through the Double Dawgs program and a wonderful internship at TJ Maxx’s HQ lined up for this Summer. 

What I like most about TMI

I love that even though I am in PDD, I can still take brand management classes for my electives. For example, I’m currently in Retail Planning and Buying just for fun. The classes in this department are accessible and you’ll get a great overview of the industry regardless of which emphasis you choose.

Post-graduation plans

I will be continuing into my Fashion Merchandising M.S. as a part of the Double Dawgs program.

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