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Resean Wallace

Resean Wallace

Foods and Nutrition

Wallace quickly found a passion for nutrition after discovering FACS. During her sophomore year, she began working for the FACS Student Success and Advising Center, and instantly felt at home.


Nutritional Sciences


Loganville, Ga


UGA Presidential Award of Excellence; Dean’s List, HOPE Scholarship, graduating Magna Cum Laude, Student Ambassador, Executive Assistant for the Student Association and Family Sciences, Lead Student Assistant for the SSAC, SSAC Special Projects Intern, Research Assistant in the Lewis Bone Lab, Member of the Minority Student Science Association, Member of the Caribbean Student Association

Why I chose my major

When I was initially enrolled in the University of Georgia, I was a biology major in the pursuit of going to medical school. During my sophomore year, I began working for the FACS Student Success and Advising Center, and I instantly felt at home. I was convinced that medical schools wanted people who showed passion for something, and my passion quickly became nutrition. I switched my major to Nutritional Sciences, fell in love with my classes and professors and have not had a reason to look back since.

What I like most about FACS

I love the people at FACS! My experience in this college was amazing, and it all started with a job in the SSAC! I was able to meet some of the most genuine and supportive people. This college inspired and encouraged me throughout my college career, and I gathered so many lifelong experiences and memories. The faculty and staff were always so eager to help me with anything I needed, and they have all taught me so much.

Post-graduation plans

During my gap year from medical school, I hope to increase my experience in clinical work.

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