Sarah Catherine Fowler

Sarah Catherine Fowler

Nutritional Sciences

Fowler has brought her passion for foods and nutrition into her role as a culinary arts instructor


2017 BSFCS Dietetics & Consumer Foods, Dance Minor

Current occupation/Location

Culinary Arts Instructor at Decatur High School

What has been your proudest accomplishment since graduating?

Serving thousands of meals to students in the City Schools of Decatur during the pandemic. I worked in the field of school nutrition for 3 years as the CSD Food and Nutrition Supervisor before transitioning to my new career as a Culinary Arts Instructor. My proudest professional accomplishment has been bringing my passion for foods and nutrition back to my hometown school system where I grew up.

What was your favorite class in FACS?

Dr. Tracey Brigman’s two courses “Food Principles” and “Quantity Food Production” were both directly related to everything I have ever done in my career. These classes made a lasting impact on my professional education.

Did you have a favorite – or most memorable – faculty member?

Dr. Ginnefer Cox is an incredible experimental foods professor! She is a wonderful teacher to have in your final years in the NUTR department before graduating.

How do you think FACS prepared you for your career success?

The leadership experiences in FACS prepared me to take charge in my own professional career. I am a professional member of several Family and Consumer Sciences organizations and I serve on the board of several of those groups.

What inspires or motivates you?

I love sharing my knowledge of foods and nutrition with my high school students. Knowing that I am preparing my students with FACS life skills to be successful adults is incredibly rewarding.

What advice would you give a current FACS student looking to pursue a career in your field?

Join the national organization called the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences to stay connected at the national level! Professional networking is key to your future success.

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