Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Smith appreciates smaller, more personal side of FACS


Royston, Georgia


Financial Planning and Marketing


Zell Miller Scholarship recipient; Dean's List; Presidential Scholar; VITA Tax Preparer/Manager; UGA Wesley Foundation

Why I chose my major

The personal finance aspects of financial planning as a major were what drew me to it. I've always been drawn to business, but a lot of the majors in the business school can be very corporate-focused, and the smaller, more personal side of business is very important to me. I decided that a double major in financial planning would help me to understand more about very practical areas of finance.  

What I like most about FACS

The smaller class sizes make it more possible to know classmates and professors. The department and major are pretty small, so I had multiple classes with people and had many professors who knew me and my name. 

Post-graduation Plans

I don't have any concrete plans yet, but I'll be working somewhere!

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