Shreya Pandya

Shreya Pandya

Nutritional Sciences

Bound for medical school, Pandya is eager to increase awareness about nutrition


Marietta, Ga.


Nutritional Sciences. Minor: Sociology


Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) Assistantship (Spring 2020, Summer 2019); CURO Summer Fellowship Summer 2020; Carolyn Berdanier Undergraduate Research Grant – FACS; Zena Costa Brown Scholarship; Alumni Scholarship; Undergraduate Research Scholarship – FACS; Honors International Scholars Program, Ash Service Award – UGA Honors Program; Charter Scholar; Zell Miller Scholarship; Presidential Scholar; Dean’s List

Why I chose my major

What I appreciate the most about nutritional sciences was how it allowed me to understand how our health is connected to something so vital; our diet. When introduced to my major, I realized how much I truly did not know about nutrition and its connection to the body. My major enabled me to understand how we can use food not only for our daily needs but also for treating and preventing diseases and enhancing daily performance.  I hope to use my knowledge to increase awareness about proper nutrition and reduce food insecurity in the future.

What I like most about FACS

My favorite thing about FACS is the open and inviting community I have entered ever since I switched my major. I never have once felt out of place, and if I need assistance, I know that there is always someone there to help. I am so thankful for the research, scholarship, and mentorship opportunities FACS can provide for determined students like myself.

Post-graduation plans

After graduating, I plan to start medical school in Fall 2022. I hope to continue to engage in academic research and spread my knowledge of nutrition wherever I go. 

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