Skylar Perez

Skylar Perez

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Skylar chose PDD because she had always had a passion for design, creation, and using color


Saint Simons Island, GA

Major/Expected graduation time

Major: Fashion Merchandising with a PDD emphasis, Studio art minor, and Sustainability certificate 


Styling Director of Student Merchandising Association, Social Media Manager of Fair Fashion, Head Sustainability Coordinator for Greek Goes Green, Sustainability Coordinator for Sigma Kappa 

Why I chose my major

I chose Fashion Merchandising because I visited Athens for UGA Scholars Day before I committed, and I was given a one-on-one tour by a former graduate in Fashion Merchandising. She showed me around campus and FACS, she introduced me to a bunch of FACS staff members, and she showed me a lot of projects that fashion organizations have done. I fell in love with how friendly and inspiring the staff was, and I became very excited about what I could do if I became a Fashion Merchandising student myself. Next, I chose PDD because I have always had a passion for design, creation, and using color, and I have always wanted to learn how to sew. So this emphasis just made sense for me!

What I like most about TMI

What I love about TMI is how willing all of staff is to make sure all students are successful in classes and just in life. I have never had a professor that I felt like I couldn’t come to for advice, knowledge, or just a helping hand. My professors are genuinely there to help me accomplish my aspirations and goals!

Post-graduation plans

I am planning to go into sustainable fashion of some sort! I’m not sure exactly what this looks like, but I have a passion for promoting a circular economy and degrowth economics within the fashion industry, and I hope to promote these ideals in the role that I choose to take on.  

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